Kansas Environmental Leadership: History


Kansas Leadership Center Transformation Grant 

In 2015, the Climate + Energy Project received a Transformation Grant from the Kansas Leadership Center (KLC) to participate in leadership development training throughout 2016. CEP provided full registration to over 20 current and aspiring environmental leaders to attend KLC’s three-day leadership training, You.Lead.Now (now Your Leadership Edge). 

CEP Staff and board members participated in the training alongside the scholarship recipients. Here’s what some of them had to say:

"The KLC leadership training challenged the way I look at leadership. It taught me to speak up and expect to make change and be ready for challenges. Be courageous to make conversations where people can freely express themselves. Keep conversations going among everyone in the meeting, not outside in the parking with people that agree with you. The fear of loss is an obstacle that must be understood to help overcome.”

"I appreciated very much that the KLC framework offered a realistic and practical interpretation of leadership and that it was dedicated to improving the community, not just individual achievement.”

"I have learned some new concepts that will help me lead sustainability in the right direction by bridging the gap between concern for issues and aspiration for a better future.”

EPA's Environmental Education Grant Program

After the 2016 trainings, we imagined convening environmental partners specifically for a dedicated leadership training specifically focused on Kansas' environmental adaptive challenges. Through the EPA Environmental Education Grant Program we were able combine the outstanding KLC leadership development training with key principles of Environmental Education to help improve outreach and education with the public.


Thus, Kansas Environmental Leadership was born.


Kansas Environmental Leadership

In July 2018, the Kansas Environmental Leadership Summit convened 47 current and aspiring environmental leaders in Kansas to strengthen networks, improve outreach, and cultivate leadership skills.


Attendees participated in a custom program facilitated by Kansas Leadership Center and Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education.

The 3 day program paired Leadership Training with Environmental Education.

Looking Forward  

Adaptive work requires experimentation and a positive outlook.  It requires us to distinguish between "what is precious and essential, and what is expendable."  In this sense, the "point of innovation is to conserve what is best from history as the community moves into the future." (For the Common Good - KLC Participant Handbook)  

What do you see as precious and essential in Kansas?  What does innovation look like as our communities move into the future?  Do you have ideas on how we can make progress in Kansas? Join us for the 2019 Leadership Transformation Grant.


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