Climate + Energy Voters Take Action

The Climate + Energy Project is seeking volunteers to help encourage greater voter participation and civic engagement in Kansas.

Climate + Energy Voter Ambassadors work to connect with 10 or more friends, family, and/or co-workers and engage with them about the importance of voting and being involved in policy decisions that affect their lives and the future of Kansas. 


Click here for more information about being a volunteer Climate + Energy Voter Ambassador.

This ongoing project aims to build on the statewide network of environmental advocacy groups and community leaders focused on climate and energy solutions to create and sustain a community of active, engaged voters.

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If you are interested in building voter participation and civic engagement, get in touch with us today.

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We are excited to work with you to make a difference in our communities and across Kansas!

2020 Kansas Presidential Primary


The Kansas Democratic Party is switching to a primary for 2020 and using Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) to determine delegate distribution among the Presidential Democratic candidates. On September 6, 2019, the Republican Party announced that there will not be a Republican primary this year. To be eligible to participate in the Democratic Kansas Presidential Primary, voters must be registered as a Democrat. Voters can change their party affiliation online or on the day of the primary. Kansans who are already registered will begin receiving their ballots with prepaid postage envelopes on March 30th. 

Because the primary will be in May and is in full compliance with the Democratic National Committee, Kansas was awarded 8 additional delegates for a total of 47 delegates. Holding a primary allows for same day registration on the day of the primary, which will be Saturday, May 2, 2020



Ranked Choice Voting (RCV)

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) gives voters the chance to rank up to five candidates in order of preference. Candidates must meet a minimum of 15% of the vote to be viable. If your favorite candidate has limited support, your vote will still count for your next choice. When the votes are tabulated, the candidates with 15% or higher of the vote will go to the next round. The candidates with the lowest number of votes will be removed and the voters’ second choice candidates will be counted in the next round. This process continues until the remaining candidates have 15% or more of the votes.

The RCV process is further explained in the video below by FairVote.