Making the Connection: Climate Change and Health

We hear a lot about the ways climate change will impact our environment, but did you know that we are already experiencing health impacts, like increased rates of asthma and heart disease?  Climate change will impact some communities more than others, and the public health community is taking notice.

The American Public Health Association (APHA) named  2017 The Year of Climate Change and Health. All year long they’re hosting webinars, workshops, and sharing handouts and articles about climate change and health. The Climate + Energy Project joined APHA’s program as a Gold Change Champion, with the commitment to increasing public awareness on climate change and health.  

CEP focuses on the climate/health connection with our work in the Clean Energy = Clean Air Coalition and the WEALTH partnership.  Clean energy and energy efficiency save money and energy while preserving our natural resources, but they also build community resilience and improve public health.

Over the course of 2017, we are offering many opportunities for you to learn about the connections between climate change and health and engage with others exploring the issues.  

Not sure how climate and health are related?  Send us your questions!  Look forward to upcoming blogs unpacking the issues.