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The Clean Power Plan sets the first-ever federal limits on carbon pollution from existing power plants, but also calls for investments in clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency measures.

The overall goal of the Clean Power Plan is to maintain an affordable, reliable energy system, while cutting pollution and protecting our health and environment now and for future generations. The Clean Power Plan would set different target emission rates for each state, as every state is unique in its generation mix and electricity consumption.

Kansas will have the authority to create a customized implementation plan to meet the overall national goal of reducing carbon emissions 32% by 2030. The Kansas rate-based final goal is 1,293 lbs of CO2 per Net MWh (versus 1499 lbs of CO2 per Net MWh in the proposed rule) and our mass-based final goal is 21,990,826 tons of CO2 emissions.



Kansas is poised to benefit from the clean energy economy. This is a great opportunity for Kansas to utilize our natural resources and position ourselves as a leader in the clean energy industry.  Kansas ranks 2nd  in the nation for wind potential. With over 200 sunny days a year, Kansas has a high solar energy potential. Kansas wind and solar are still largely untapped resources.


The Clean Power Plan will encourage investments in the wind and solar industries in Kansas, bringing economic development mostly to rural areas across the state. In addition, an Optional Clean Energy Incentive Program will provide matching credits to reward Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency investments in minority, low income, and tribal communities


Keeping electricity affordable and reliable is a key component of the Clean Power Plan. The CPP presents an opportunity to protect consumers by lowering electricity bills through aggressive energy efficiency measures that drive down costs and save money.


CEP has seen the impacts of energy efficiency on communities across the state with our nationally recognized Take Charge Challenge

Through basic energy efficiency measures, Kansans have saved 120.99 billion BTUs, over 16 million gallons of water, and over 36 billion dollars. This is just a start; the new Clean Power Plan standards will support increased energy efficiency programs that will lower energy bills and help Kansans save money.


The CPP is an investment in the health of America.  The Clean Power Plan isn't just a program to help stabilize the climate and modernize our energy sources, It is also a valuable investment in Americans' health and well-being. Reducing carbon emissions is a great opportunity for Kansas to protect the health of families in all communities by reducing the dangerous industrial carbon pollution that triggers asthma attacks, heart attacks and premature deaths.


Kansas can lead the way to a clean energy future.  The CPP will spark American innovation and ingenuity that will boost good-paying jobs, new technologies and energy efficiency, moving us toward a clean energy future. The plan gives the states freedom to leverage their energy profile and homegrown advantages, such as wind and solar potential in Kansas, when reducing plant CO2 emissions.



The Clean Power Plan Blueprint is intended to serve as a resource to Kansas stakeholders involved in developing Kansas Clean Power Plan approach. The Blueprint will provide research-based recommendations on meeting CO2 reduction goals while maintaining affordable, reliable energy system in Kansas. The Blueprint will also offer implementation tools, such as policy designs, based on our analysis of the Kansas Energy Profile.


  • Secure State-level decision-making with Regulation Flexibility

  • Provide Economic value through cost-effectiveness, job creation, and savings on healthcare bills

  • Track CO2 emissions reduction through reliable, consistent, and easily implemented mechanisms

  • Prioritize system reliability through maintaining and/or enhancing fuel diversity while expanding the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy resources.


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