Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

At the Climate + Energy Project, interns and volunteers get a unique opportunity to apply their knowledge and passion areas of legislature, journalism, renewable energy, energy efficiency, climate change and public healthCEP interns connect theoretical knowledge to real life applications through meaningful assignments. 

All internships are unpaid but come with a priceless experience. Visit our intern page to learn about opportunities and how to apply.

Current Interns

Claire Byers is a junior at the University of Kansas pursuing a 
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and a minor in Geography. She is from Wichita, Kansas, and has lived in Lawrence since 2015. Although Claire planned to major in biology, she quickly discovered her passion for the environment and environmental issues in her community. She started out in an ecology research lab on campus focusing on how rising CO 2 levels affect plant growth. Through this opportunity, she realized her true interest was learning how to effectively communicate science to communities. As an intern for the Climate and Energy Project, Claire is able to develop skills involving civic engagement and identify how climate change will affect us all over time, as her biggest concern is environmental justice. Claire has worked on the CEP LIVE Facebook videos, and enjoyed the use of technology to reach a wider audience. She participated in WEALTH Day at the Capitol and learned a lot about how the community can come together to change policy. Claire is also a Student Outreach and Events Assistant at the KU Natural History Museum and after graduation plans to get her Masters in Urban Planning with an environmental focus. Interning at CEP is the perfect fit and she is excited to work on more projects to come, helping shape her interests and plans for the future.
Mackenzie Knox is a junior at the University of Kansas, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies with a minor in Public Policy. Additionally, she is working toward earning certification in Permaculture Design, and a certificate through KU’s Global Awareness Program. She was born and raised in Topeka, Kansas, and moved to Lawrence in 2015 to attend KU. Mackenzie’s concerns about climate change and natural resource depletion started at a young age, so she knew she wanted to enter an environmental field upon arrival at college. Through her studies at KU, she has discovered her passion for issues in environmental justice and policy, and wishes to attend law school upon completion of her undergraduate studies. In the future, she plans to seek a career with a nonprofit organization where she can practice environmental law and justice, and work to build a sustainable future for all.
Allison Rozell is a junior at the University of Kansas pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies with a minor in Public Policy. In addition, she is working toward a certificate in Sustainability. She is from Arkansas City, Kansas, and moved to Lawrence this year to finish her studies. Previously, Allison completed an AmeriCorps internship partnered with the United States Forest Service in Washington state. During her time there, her already strong passion for the environment grew immensely. That passion and aspiration to protect the environment and its resources, along with the recognition of the extensive impact that policy has on environmental issues, sparked Allison's desire to focus on environmental policy and justice. Back in Kansas, she hopes to contribute to changes in the state by applying knowledge and ideas gained through her studies and experiences toward more sustainable practices and resource use. During her internship at CEP, Allison hopes to explore and contribute further to her interests in clean and renewable energy, environmental policy and justice, and sustainable practices to apply to her future career.