Kansas Energy Policy


The Wind Coalition and the Climate and Energy Project released new poll data showing that Kansans overwhelmingly support the development of renewable energy resources in Kansas and the state’s 2009 renewable energy law.

  Kansas Energy Poll Toplines
The poll, conducted by North Star Opinion Research, shows that Kansans almost unanimously support increasing renewable energy development and that the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard enacted in 2009 enjoys overwhelming support statewide.
A presentation on the results of the Survey of Kansas Registered Voters Regarding Energy Issues was conducted before media and showed that two-thirds of Kansas voters support increasing the renewable energy standards to 25 percent. Click below for the entire presentation. 

Kansas voters support the 2009 energy law across the political spectrum. The poll found the law has 73 percent among Republicans, 75 percent among Independents and 82 percent among Democrats. Two-thirds of voters would support increasing the state’s renewable energy law, even if it meant a $1-2 increase in their bill. 

  Kansas Poll Press Release


"More than two-thirds of Kansans support Governor Brownback’s renewable energy policy. Even more, 76% want more of their electricity to be generated by wind. Such strong support should encourage the Kansas Legislature to maintain the current policy on renewable energy. After the creation of 12,000 jobs in this industry, this is no time to turn back to old, outdated policy.” Karin Brownlee, Kansans for Wind Energy

  Kansans Remarks of Poll Results 


The results of the poll were announced on Thursday, January 23rd, at 11:00am CST.

  Kansas Poll Teleconference