KCC Rate Cases

There are rate cases at the KCC requesting increases on fixed charges as well as rate. The next few months will be your only time to weigh in on this issue before a decision is made.

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KCP&L Customers:
May 18 - KCPL hearing in KC
June 16 - KCPL public comments due
September 10 - KCC decision on KCPL Docket 
Westar Customers:
July 21 - Westar public hearing
July 23 - Westar public hearing
August 11 - Westar Public comments due
October 28 - KCC decision on Westar Docket
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Rate impacts for KCP&L Customers:
KCPL estimates a typical residential customer will see an average monthly increase of $11 to $12.
  1. KCPL proposes increasing the residential customer charge from $10.71 to $19.00.
  2. KCPL filed an application for a $67.3 million base rate increase. Base rates will increase about 10.5%.
Why: The primary driver behind the rate increase is the environmental upgrade project at the La Cygne coal fired generation plant. Other costs include the repairs and outage costs at the Wolf Creek nuclear plant.

Rate impacts For Westar Customer:
  • Customers with new solar panels will be forced to pay much higher rates.
  • Westar is proposing to increase residential rates by 12.1% or about $9 per month for the average residential customer.
  • Additionally, Westar proposes to increase the monthly customer from $12 to $15 next year and additional $3 dollar increases yearly until the monthly customer charge reaches $27 in five years.
  • Westar is proposing three different rate designs for residential customers.
Why: The primary driver is to recover the remaining costs of the $1.2 billion environmental upgrade at the La Cygne generation plant. Westar is also requesting cost recovery for expenditures at the Wolfcreek nuclear power plant as the plant life has been extended from 40 to 60 years. Westar is replacing its old residential meters with new digital meters.


Legislative Issues

Renewable Portfolio Standards
In May of 2009, Governor Mark Parkinson signed into law HB 2369 which included a provision enacting a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) for the state of Kansas. The RPS requires every regulated public utility to own or purchase renewable generation based on their nameplate capacity. The standard set minimum threshold percentages of the utility’s average three-year annual peak retail sales:
• 10 percent for 2011-2015
• 15 percent for 2016-2019
• 20 percent for 2020 and beyond
Clean Power Plan
What is America’s Clean Power Plan?
The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) plan to cut carbon
pollution from power plants.
What is the state’s role in the Clean Power Plan?
Under the Clean Air Act, section 111(d) EPA establishes guidelines to control air pollution from existing power plants and then Kansas designs a program to meet those guidelines and meet our federal reduction target.

Renewable Energy Poll


The Wind Coalition and the Climate and Energy Project released new poll data showing that Kansans overwhelmingly support the development of renewable energy resources in Kansas and the state’s 2009 renewable energy law.

  Kansas Energy Poll Toplines
The poll, conducted by North Star Opinion Research, shows that Kansans almost unanimously support increasing renewable energy development and that the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard enacted in 2009 enjoys overwhelming support statewide.
A presentation on the results of the Survey of Kansas Registered Voters Regarding Energy Issues was conducted before media and showed that two-thirds of Kansas voters support increasing the renewable energy standards to 25 percent. Click below for the entire presentation. 

Kansas voters support the 2009 energy law across the political spectrum. The poll found the law has 73 percent among Republicans, 75 percent among Independents and 82 percent among Democrats. Two-thirds of voters would support increasing the state’s renewable energy law, even if it meant a $1-2 increase in their bill. 

  Kansas Poll Press Release


"More than two-thirds of Kansans support Governor Brownback’s renewable energy policy. Even more, 76% want more of their electricity to be generated by wind. Such strong support should encourage the Kansas Legislature to maintain the current policy on renewable energy. After the creation of 12,000 jobs in this industry, this is no time to turn back to old, outdated policy.” Karin Brownlee, Kansans for Wind Energy

  Kansans Remarks of Poll Results 


The results of the poll were announced on Thursday, January 23rd, at 11:00am CST.

  Kansas Poll Teleconference