The Take Charge Challenge is an energy competition designed to increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and positively contribute to the participants' bottom line. It is an innovative and proven approach to help businesses, organizations, and communities address our nation's diminishing energy resources and rising energy costs. The challenge gives participants the knowledge, resources and tools necessary to make an impact.

A recent report by McKinsey & Company found that the broad use of efficiency measures in homes and businesses could reduce annual energy use by 23%, yielding $1.2 trillion in savings from an investment of $520 billion. This investment could reduce up to 1.1 gigatons of greenhouse gasses annually.

The Take Charge Challenge taps into the American value of competition, which spurs innovation. Participating organizations complete against one another to become energy efficiency leaders within their communities and regions. The competition categories of education, strategy, culture and implementation ensure that organizations of all types and sizes can compete in a sustainable way.

Together, the categories from a proven Results Model, which creates a framework for participants to utilize available information, resources and tools during the challenge. Linked together, the Results Model elements turn concept into action, creating a winning strategy for success.

The Take Charge Challenge was created by the Climate + Energy Project (CEP) in 2009. The challenge has been recognized nationally in news media, magazines, scientific reports, and film for utilizing competition to drive energy efficiency actions.

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