Water and Energy Progress is a project to identify and spotlight innovations in energy efficiency and water conservation on Kansas farms and ranches. Today, rising energy costs and pressing water worries in the Heartland combine to bring water, energy and agriculture organizations together around positive actions that everyone can applaud.

A diverse steering committee works collaboratively to identify what constitutes an innovative practice and then nominates exemplary Kansas farmers. The most innovative examples of water and energy conservation are showcased through awards and interactive reports. The reports, in turn, help other farmers take steps to implement water and energy conservation on their farms.

Sharing these positive examples will spur further innovations. Positive messaging and neighborly advice of successful farmers will encourage participation in water and energy conservation programs. Farmers and ranchers will be recognized as responsible stewards and leaders in water conservation and energy efficiency.


Kim Bellemere, Kansas Natural Resources Council
Wayne Bossert, Groundwater Management District #4
Monty Breneman, National Resource Conservation Service
Patricia Clark, USDA Rural Development
Dan Devlin, Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment and Kansas Water Resources Institute, Agronomy, KSU Research and Extension
Kerri Ebert, Kansas Center for Sustainable Agriculture & Alternative Crops (KCSAAC), Kansas Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SARE)
Les Evans, Kansas Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.
Steve Frost, Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Conservation
Mary Fund, Kansas Rural Center
Bruce Graham, Kansas Electric Cooperatives
Rhonda Janke, Sustainable Cropping Systems, Department of Horticulture, Forestry and Recreation Resources, KSU Research and Extension
Barry Kaaz, Colby Community College
Patrick Parke, Midwest Energy, Inc.
Danny Rogers, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, KSU Research and Extension
Tracy Streeter, Kansas Water Office
Steve Swaffar, Natural Resources, Kansas Farm Bureau
Donn Teske, Kansas Farmer's Union

Water and Energy Progress was created by the Climate + Energy Project (CEP).

Visit the Water + Energy Progress website.