energy bill gets stomped in Senate

10 years ago | Dec 08, 2007
The energy bill that did so well in the House didn't make it past the Senate (NYTimes). It will probably be extensively revised before circling back around again. Quotable:
But the complex and costly bill faces the prospect of a radical...

news update

10 years ago | Dec 07, 2007
Busy lately. Here's just a few interesting articles that have recently flowed across my desktop. I read some, skimmed some, will get to some later. Enjoy! In Bali, New Urgency for Climate Accord (evidence of environmental damage continues...

Press release from the ACEEE on the new energy bill

10 years ago | Dec 06, 2007
Today, the House of Representatives is considering one of the most significant pieces of energy legislation to happen so far this century. The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) just sent around a very nice analysis of...

super neato EnergyStar public service announcement

10 years ago | Dec 06, 2007
they got the music right ON for my demographic, too - I sat right up, then boogied a little in the desk chair. It made me want to run around unplugging everything. Quotable - and I think I know who the woman is who said it, but since it is...

climate, agriculture, and food insecurity

10 years ago | Dec 05, 2007
Research on ag and climate change is really just getting geared up. To some extent, the issue is regional variation. Larger climate changes cause often very different weather effects day to day, especially across various microclimates and...