Energy Updates

U.S. to Lease Offshore Wind Blocks

6 years ago | Jun 04, 2013
The US government announced plans to auction federal leases off the Atlantic Ocean for the development of wind energy - a first in the offshore wind business for the U.S.

How Renewable Electricity Standards Deliver Economic Benefits

6 years ago | May 08, 2013
This new report from the Union of Concerned Scientists is full of valuable information regarding renewable energy standards.

After lull, TP&L back in action in Garden City

6 years ago | May 03, 2013 | By: RUTH CAMPBELL
Another example of the Kansas jobs impacted by unstable energy policy for renewable energy. Find out how one Garden City Kansas firm creates jobs in Kansas.

Editorial in Support of RPS

6 years ago | Mar 17, 2013
Steve Baccus writes in support of the RPS in the Wichita Eagle.