Energy Updates

Obama Unveils Climate Change Plan that Goes Around Congress

6 years ago | Jun 25, 2013
President Barack Obama will lay out his vision for the steps he believes the country needs to take to address the effects of climate change and fight it on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at 1:35 p.m. at Georgetown.

Gas and Renewables are Complementary Generation Fuels

6 years ago | Jun 14, 2013
An article from explains how natural gas and renewables can actually complement each other.

Switchgrass Biofuels to Power Navy Jet Fighters

6 years ago | Jun 08, 2013
As the Navy continues to invest in biofuel projects, Cobalt Technologies is working to turn switchgrass into jet fuel.

Introducing FRED: Free Energy Data

6 years ago | Jun 05, 2013
FRED is a free open platform for visualizing and analyzing energy-use data.