Press Release

Governor Brownback presented awards to farmers & ranchers at Water + Energy Progress Luncheon

5 years ago | Mar 01, 2014
Nine Kansas farmers and ranchers were recognized for innovations in water conservation and energy efficiency in agriculture.

Hutchinson Renewable Energy Roundtable event to be held at Hutchinson Community College

5 years ago | Jan 23, 2014
Join community and business leaders around the state as they discuss the true costs and benefits of the Kansas wind industry and the potential of solar energy.

Sustainable FERC Project Launches Website on Clean Energy and the Elecgtric Grid

5 years ago | Dec 18, 2013
The Sustainable FERC Project, a coalition that includes CEP, unveiled a website to inform the public about efforts to increase clean energy.

Executive Director Attends Seminar

5 years ago | Dec 11, 2013
Dorothy Barnett attended a seminar on Electricity Law for Environmental Advocates

CEP Welcomes Two New Board Members

5 years ago | Dec 10, 2013
CEP welcomes Mary Adams and Kimberly Gencur Svaty to the board.