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Olga Khakova joins the Climate + Energy Project as Program Director

3 years ago | Aug 17, 2015

Olga Khakova will contribute to the organizational mission to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in America's Heartland through the ambitious deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy, in policy and practice.

Climate + Energy Project: Opponents’ 20% by 2020 ‘goal’ is laughable

4 years ago | May 05, 2015
Kansas already met 20% RPS 5 years early with more low-cost wind power to come online later this year

Governor Brownback presents Water + Energy Progress Awards to Kansas farmers and ranchers

4 years ago | Mar 12, 2015


Rachel Myslivy



Governor Brownback presented awards to farmers & ranchers at Water + Energy Progress Awards Ceremony

Eleven Kansas...

Kinsley Woman Wins Prize for Writing Her Legislator to keep RPS

4 years ago | Sep 26, 2014
Digital postcards supporting wind energy in Kansas were signed during the Kansas State Fair

DOE-MIT Partnership Awards Women for Energy Leadership

4 years ago | Sep 18, 2014
Eight Clean Energy and Empowerment award winners announced.