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Renewable energy proponents oppose part of Westar rate proposal; both sides involved in media campaigns

5 years ago | Jul 22, 2015
"I don’t think it’s fair for customers who use programmable thermostats and high-efficiency appliances, who are low energy users, to pay the same as someone who has a giant home and doesn’t conserve, who uses a lot of energy,”...

Solar Advocates Have Their Say At Westar Hearing

5 years ago | Jul 22, 2015
"We think we should all share in the energy infrastructure cost, but let’s do it based on how much energy you use,” said Barnett, whose group is committed to reducing global climate change.

Opponents: Westar plan limits customer control

5 years ago | Jul 17, 2015
Members of the Climate and Energy Project in Manhattan explained how a higher flat fee would discourage household electricity users from pursuing renewable energy and energy efficient options.

Westar customers question proposed rate hike

5 years ago | Jul 17, 2015
"We’re really here to help people understand how important their voice is in this process of what we call rate-making,” says Dorothy Barnett , Executive Director of Climate & Energy Project.

Some Kansas environmental groups disappointed with clean energy compromise

5 years ago | May 18, 2015
"I do think that it is laughable that after the hundreds of millions of dollars spent trying to repeal it, we’re settling for a goal we’ve already met," said Dorothy Barnett, director of the Hutchinson-based Climate and Energy Project