CEP in the News

Opponents: Westar plan limits customer control

4 years ago | Jul 17, 2015
Members of the Climate and Energy Project in Manhattan explained how a higher flat fee would discourage household electricity users from pursuing renewable energy and energy efficient options.

Westar customers question proposed rate hike

4 years ago | Jul 17, 2015
"We’re really here to help people understand how important their voice is in this process of what we call rate-making,” says Dorothy Barnett , Executive Director of Climate & Energy Project.

Some Kansas environmental groups disappointed with clean energy compromise

4 years ago | May 18, 2015
"I do think that it is laughable that after the hundreds of millions of dollars spent trying to repeal it, we’re settling for a goal we’ve already met," said Dorothy Barnett, director of the Hutchinson-based Climate and Energy Project

Climate + Energy Project: Opponents’ 20% by 2020 ‘goal’ is laughable

4 years ago | May 05, 2015
Kansas already met 20% RPS 5 years early with more low-cost wind power to come online later this year

Panel discusses climate change in Kansas

4 years ago | Apr 02, 2015
A panel of environmental experts met on Wednesday, March 25th, in the Henderson Building to discuss pollution and the impact of an altered global environment on Kansas.