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Environmentalists And Businesses Agree: Kansas Utility Rates Are Too High

2 years ago | Mar 05, 2019


March 5, 2019

The new demand charge has prompted many solar users to completely change their daily routines or deal with monthly bills as much as $90 higher than they’ve been used to.

Advocates with the...

Kansas bill setting minimum setbacks for commercial wind turbines to have hearing next week

2 years ago | Feb 15, 2019
The Climate and Energy Project sent out an email alert about the bill Thursday afternoon, calling the proposed setbacks "prohibitive,” and the bill "a thinly veiled attempt to stop wind development in Kansas.”

Legislators hear KCC report on Kansas’ high utility rates

2 years ago | Jan 17, 2019
Dorothy Barnett, executive director of the Climate and Energy Project, said it is helpful to look at how Kansas got to where it currently is with regard to rates, but the real question is going to be how the Legislature and KCC make a...

Clean energy platforms win at the state level as 7 governor seats shift blue

2 years ago | Nov 13, 2018
"Wind has been a tremendous boon to the state, Dorothy Barnett, executive director of the Climate and Energy Project in Kansas, told Utility Dive, though broader customer choice on energy resources is lacking."