CEP in the News

Wind coalition's poll finds support for renewable energy mandate

5 years ago | Jan 23, 2014
Kansans overwhelmingly support renewable energy and the law that mandates utilities to buy it, according to a poll released in part by CEP.

Survey shows Kansas favors wind industry

5 years ago | Jan 23, 2014
The majority of Kansans polled support expanding the state's renewable energy standard, according to a CEP survey.

Survey shows support for renewable energy law

5 years ago | Jan 23, 2014
A survey commissioned in part by CEP shows strong support for renewable energy law in Kansas.

Dorothy Barnett: Don’t roll back RES

5 years ago | Jan 13, 2014
An editorial by CEP Executive Director that appears in the Wichita Eagle supporting the continuance of renewable energy standards in Kansas.

Hutch's only hope is second in MOKAN Challenge

5 years ago | Jan 10, 2014
Hutch is competing against three other cities in the MOKAN Take Charge Challenge