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Wind powering more energy and jobs in Kansas

1 month ago | Aug 13, 2019
This is American Wind Week and it’s important to note the progress that has been made on that front in Kansas.

Food and farms in years to come the topic of discussion at recent town hall

3 months ago | Jul 09, 2019
Myslivy said she hoped to convey a message of hope in the face of the adversity currently facing local producers.

Kansas Solar Users Still Waiting For Evergy To Live Up To Rate Deal

4 months ago | May 15, 2019
 "This process is much slower than we had hoped,” Climate and Energy Project executive director Dorothy Barnett said. Her group, which advocates for the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency, was one of several that pushed Evergy...

K-State group Joins WEALTH Day to connect Kansans with legislators, advocacy organizations

5 months ago | Apr 25, 2019
Members from K-State's "Hungry Heartland: A Multimedia Food Desert Story" team joined the Climate + Energy Project, or CEP, along with other partnering community organizations and businesses from across the state, to host a day of advocacy and education.

Environmentalists And Businesses Agree: Kansas Utility Rates Are Too High

7 months ago | Mar 05, 2019


March 5, 2019

The new demand charge has prompted many solar users to completely change their daily routines or deal with monthly bills as much as $90 higher than they’ve been used to.

Advocates with the...