carbon, carbon, and more carbon

13 years ago | Jan 07, 2008
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One of the joys of this job is reviewing our Google Analytics profile, and seeing the paths that folks are taking through the CEP website. Google analytics is more than slightly big brother-ish, but speaking as an educator - it really, really helps me do my job. People learn in such different ways, and my job is to serve all those different needs. (Eek.) The google result I find most interesting: By far the most popular word in the CEP Glossary is carbon dioxide. (Not greenhouse gases, mind you. Which I also find interesting.) Some of you may know our Glossary - it's just a list and definitions of common terms used in climate and energy conversations, linked to text all throughout the site. Users tend to hopscotch all over the Glossary, too, since all the listings are cross-referenced. Because the Ice Storm of 2007 knocked me off kilter for a while, I still have a few terms to fill in, but there's probably more than 200 completed. Running a close second behind carbon dioxide is carbon regulation. Fairly evenly scattered through there are carbon liability and carbon credits. You are probably noting a trend. So did I. Thus I finally got off my rear and finished the definitions for cap and trade, carbon tax, and carbon sequestration. My coworkers laughed at me when I whined that it wasn't easy to reduce those ideas down to 100 words or less :) so (a) I quit whining (shame will do that to you), and (b) lengthened those entries just slightly. Of course I have an ulterior motive for posting these. I have found that there is no better way to find those embarrassing broken links than to draw attention to recently posted web content... so - sigh - if you find any bad links, please just let me know.

--- Maril Hazlett

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