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13 years ago | Jan 07, 2008
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Wish I could think of good headlines or puns having to do with coal. It might be because it's a Monday - but, I can't. So. For the following news snippets, please feel free to make up your own. First, more Kansas state legislators chime in with their opinions on energy issues for the upcoming session. For many representatives at this point, the proposed Holcomb coal power plants appear to be the defining and polarizing topic (LJWorld). Also, Sunflower Electric responds (Hays Daily News/ Harris News Service) to the independent poll released by the Climate and Energy Project - yes, that's us! - which found that by a 2 to 1 margin, Kansans approve KDHE's denial of the air quality permits for those plants. (Summary: Sunflower didn't much like it.) Sunflower is also considering proposing new coal plants in Missouri, just 60 miles east of the KS/MO state line (Hays Daily News/ Harris News Service). Pretty close to my husband's grandma, I think. And the Hutch News weighs in with an editorial on Holcomb, the legislature, the CEP poll - really, the whole ball of string. Quotable:
The reaction of Sunflower Electric and some western Kansas legislators to state denial of an air permit for Sunflower's two new proposed coal-fired power plant units is disappointing. And it will not prove constructive for a state that should strive to be innovative with energy, environmentally conscious as well as economically growth-oriented.
And by the by, we have decided to start bylining our entries on the CEP blog, since there are now two of us writing (Nancy is planning to post every Friday, her travel schedule allowing). Unless you see her name, the post is probably by me... sorry, I seem to forget my byline  a good deal. Not this time, though.

--- Maril Hazlett