busy weekend re climate change

13 years ago | Nov 19, 2007
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When it rains, it pours - especially with climate change (sorry. that was an awful, awful joke). Quite a list of climate policy action from over the weekend. Summary, in order: Wow! Yay! Oh boy. Er..? 1. The Midwest Governors Association signed a historic accord (.pdf) on climate policy (ENN), agreeing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Quotable: "The Midwest stands to gain over 289,000 new manufacturing jobs if it makes a real commitment to renewable energy - a far better deal for the environment and the economy than anything on offer from Big Coal." 2. A federal appeals court rejected the Bush administration's CAFE standards for light trucks and SUVs, on the basis that the standards did not take into account the environmental impact of their emissions (Reuters). 3. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its fourth and final report (.pdf) on the undeniable trends of climate change, and the urgent need to immediately reduce global greenhouse gas emissions (of which the U.S. produces approximately 25%). The report will be used next month at the summit in Indonesia, where, global policymakers will discuss a climate change treaty to replace the Kyoto protocol (the U.S. has refused to sign the KyP). (NYTimes). Scientists from the Bush administration also signed off on the report (NPR). Quotable: "Chief U.S. delegate Sharon Hays said doubts have been dispelled. ?What's changed since 2001 is the scientific certainty that this is happening.'" There was indeed controversy among the scientists, however " not as to whether climate change is occurring, but regarding how fast it will occur. Some felt that the report was too conservative, and did not reflect the extent to which climate change is happening more quickly than previously predicted. 4. After a 13-12 vote, the Kansas Energy Council pulled a report on global warming off its webpage (LJWorld). By several accounts, the meeting seems to have been pretty confusing. However, council member Jeff Kennedy, an attorney who represents oil and gas interests, expressed the concern that the information did not accurately reflect KEC's position on greenhouse gas emissions (earlier this year they voted not to take one). The KEC also voted to review Sebelius's participation in the Midwest Governors pact to reduce greenhouse gas emissions " see item (1) above.