CEP LIVE Making the Connections: Climate Change and Effective Communications

1 year ago | May 17, 2019
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 On May 14, 2019,  CEP hosted the Climate Advocacy Lab’s Senior Program Carina Barnett-Loro as our special guest on Making the Connections: Climate Change and Effective Communications. Carina shared some great resources on engaging others around environmental topics, highlighting tips and tools available on the Climate Advocacy Lab’s website. Send an email to Carina Barnett-Loro to find out more about becoming a Climate Advocacy Lab member. Watch the video to learn about best practices for climate communications based on social science research.

Join the Climate Advocacy Lab's Campaign Planning Workshop

For the climate-related advocacy community in Kansas, CEP and CAL will host a Campaign Planning Workshop in Lawrence, KS on June 24- 25. Carina and CAL’s Community Development Manager, Lucia Oliva Hennelly, will provide valuable tools, resources, and best practices to help organizations build grassroots power and win through evidence-based advocacy. For more information visit the Campaign Planning Workshop information page.