9 months ago | Jan 10, 2018
By: Dorothy Barnett, Executive Director
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The Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) is deliberating on the proposed merger of KCP&L and Westar - a major merger that will impact most energy users in Kansas.  Your opinion matters!  Customers can tell the KCC commissioners if they support, oppose, or are neutral on the proposed merger.  Commissioners will listen to customer concerns on January 22 at the Washburn Institute of Technology at 6 pm.

For all of you climate and energy supporters, a continued commitment to invest in clean energy should be a key piece in supporting the merger.  Not sure how the merger relates to clean energy or environmental concerns?  

Solar Rate Charges:  Customers with rooftop solar, or those considering investing in solar power, should insist the utilities agree to wait for the solar industry to reach at least 5% penetration in Kansas before attempting any type of new rates for solar customers (we’re currently at less that 1/10 of 1%). 

Equal Access to Energy Efficiency:  KCP&L’s Missouri customers have access to great energy efficiency programs.  If you’d like to have equal access to utility energy efficiency programs,  then Kansas needs a stakeholder driven Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) to identify and implement energy efficiency programs.  This process benefits KCP&L’s customers in Missouri, Kansans should have it, too. 

Customer Benefits:  Both companies assert that customers and shareholders will benefit through better infrastructure programs and improved customer service.  The current merger was approved by Westar and KCP&L shareholders in late 2017. Both companies anticipate no involuntary job losses, and they intend to share $50 million dollars in customer bill credits to retail customers in Missouri and Kansas after the merger. This amounts to approximately $31.25 per customer for 1.6 million customers of the merged company.

YOUR VOICE MATTERS.  We have seen the power of public comments during previous utility rate-cases. The KCC's  website says, "The Commission welcomes and encourages public input on utility rate and siting cases and proposed rules and regulations."  

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If you are unable to attend the Public Hearing in person on January 22 at the Washburn Institute of Technology at 6 pm, please consider a public comment online at

Tell the commission to advance clean energy and protect the environment in the Westar/KCP&L merger case.

 Information provided online will be made public as part of the case docket.