Energy Efficiency Hearing Takes Place In March - Don't Wait to Share Your Comments!

1 year ago | Mar 02, 2017 | By: Jamie Hofling
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The Climate and Energy Project is one of the intervenors on the docket for KCP&L's proposed energy efficiency programs in Kansas. Time is running out to submit comments, the docket hearing is scheduled for March 22nd. We've made great progress on getting letters sent to the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC), please keep it up! Submit public comments to the KCC and letters to the editor before March 15th to make an impact. CEP has streamlined submitting of comments, simply click here!

The proposed energy efficiency programs are modeled after successes from our neighbor Missouri. LEAF Properties Inc., operator and manager of a joint building for two schools and a church in MO, started out using KCP&L's Business Energy Efficiency Rebate to install interior and exterior lights.  After experiencing savings from the upgraded lighting they went back for additional KCP&L programs to upgrade the HVAC control system and install additional LED lighting around the property.

If LEAF Properties Inc. were still using the same amount of energy their bills would be around $30K per month, since making the upgrades they are seeing bills closer to $10K per month.  They estimate their annual energy savings to be 258,387 kWh. The company said they feel that because of the upgrades they've been able to keep the doors open. To see the full case study, click here.

CEP would like to encourage you to share comments about the importance of these energy saving programs in Kansas via a letter to the Kansas Corporation Commission and a letter to the editor before March 15th.
 If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.