Businesses Save $ with Energy Efficiency Programs

1 year ago | Feb 02, 2017 | By: Jamie Hofling
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By Jamie Hofling

The Climate and Energy Project is one of the intervenors on the docket for KCP&L’s proposed  energy efficiency programs in Kansas. The docket hearing is scheduled for March of this year. Because the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) is accepting public comments, CEP is asking businesses and individuals to submit their comments to the KCC. We are also asking for letters to the editor to be written in an effort to get the word out about the importance of these energy saving programs.  To learn more or find resources to help submit comments and a letter to the editor, visit our website or contact me via email.

The proposed residential and business programs are modeled after successes from our neighboring state, Missouri. In 2014, St. Francis Hospital & Health Services in Maryville Missouri utilized KCP&L’s lighting rebate program to install exterior lights. While seeking ways to cut the hospital’s energy bill, the facilities management director learned about the utility company’s Business Energy Efficiency Rebate program. The total cost to swap out all 74 exterior light fixtures came to $33,880, half of which was covered by the rebate. The savings to their energy bills is $1,000 per month and thanks to the rebate, the hospital will start seeing a return on their investment in as few as 2 years. LEDs have a lifespan of about 5x that of a CFL so the upgrade also significantly reduces the amount of time spent on switching out bulbs. To see the full case study, click here.

We hope you will consider sharing your comments via a letter with the Kansas Corporation Commission and in a letter to the editor. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.