Meet our talented interns

1 year ago | Jan 31, 2017 | By: Olga Khakova
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5 talented interns are joining the Climate + Energy Project Team for the 2017 Spring Semester. They are bringing a diversity of skills and backgrounds to the current projects and initiatives such as WEALTH ,  Clean Energy Business Council, and the legislative efforts at the Kansas Statehouse. CEP will strive to provide valuable learning opportunities to our newest team members through challenging and rewarding work. 
Meet our interns and check out their bios for additional information:

Vanessa Alcocer 
Vanessa is a junior at the University of Kansas majoring in Biology and Environmental Studies. She has a course background in sustainable energy, environmental policy, environmental justice, and public health. Vanessa is passionate about switching to clean energy to protect human health and the environment. She is excited to be able to apply classroom knowledge to interning with CEP this semester!
Lamisa Chowdhury 
Lamisa is ecstatic to be working with Climate + Energy project. She truly believes in the human spirit, and thinks we are capable of curbing greenhouse gas emissions through dedicated diligence and perseverance. Lamisa is inspired by the magnitude of individuals who are willing to take action for the planet’s well being. Her passion for the environment has been fortified through compounded efforts to ensure local sustainability. Lamisa is a strong advocate of grassroots activism because she believes that we as a society must reshape the way we view our impact on our environment by understanding what we impact within our own communities. These issues are interdisciplinary and they are not partisan, which is why opening a dialogue between groups of varying perspectives is essential to creating pragmatic solutions. Lamisa is confident in Climate + Energy Project’s mission, and looks forward to working with everyone!
Mallory Copeland
Mallory is currently a junior at the University of Kansas pursuing a Bachelor of the Arts in Chinese and Environmental Studies. Mallory became interested in government work after debating in high school, and realizing the impact of formulating policies to fight environmental issues. She believes that using policies to create a better environment for citizens is a top priority for the government. While at the University of Kansas Mallory has worked with student groups to encourage academic focus on environmental science, as an Environmental Studies  Student Ambassador, she finds outreach to students to be essential in bringing environmental issues to light. She has also spent the last two years coaching debate at a local Topeka high school and encouraging students to think critically about how to use policies to address inequality and international issues. Mallory has also done fieldwork in Utah focused on riparian reconstruction, and lab work in Lawrence where she helped raise butterflies.

Natalie Shaw
Natalie is a Junior at the University of Kansas majoring in Environmental Studies with the hope of making our community a more sustainable and welcoming place. Holding an immense passion for this Earth, she is excited to be joining the Climate + Energy Project and working with the Clean Energy = Clean Air Project. Natalie looks forward to researching and providing the science of how important a transformation to clean energy is for public health, as well as how nonrenewable energy impacts minorities, children, the elderly, and the population in general.   
Tony Wagler
Tony is very much looking forward to working with the CEP and CEBC. As a business and environmental studies student, he strongly believes that moving toward renewable energy is inevitable. Tony plan on devoting the better part of his career to accelerating the advent of sustainable energy. He is excited to learn about and add value to the Climate + Energy Project.