Written Testimony Opposed to SB 318

4 years ago | Jan 20, 2016
By: Dorothy Barnett, Executive Director
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Written Testimony Opposed to SB 318

Senate Committee on Utilities

January 19, 2016

Chairman Olson and Honorable Members of the Committee:

Thank you for the opportunity to submit testimony opposing SB 318, disbanding the Kansas Electric Transmission Authority (KETA).

The Climate + Energy Project (CEP) has been a strong supporter of KETA since it’s inception. CEP has attended KETA meetings regularly over the years, addressing the authority with updates when requested and presenting feedback on the structure of the organization through public remarks.

In a time when minimal transmission lines were being built in Kansas, the creation of KETA provided the avenue to educate citizens and legislators on the necessity of transmission needed to get our rich and profitable renewable energy to market.

KETA’s attendance at SPP meetings ensures Kansas a robust voice in transmission planning and cost allocation decisions that continue to benefit the entire state. I have witnessed KETA in action at these meetings; members are participatory and well respected among members, the SPP Board of Directors and staff.

The SPP Integrated Marketplace, FERC Order 1000 and the Clean Power Plan (CPP) are all important topics impacting transmission and we believe KETA continues to be an important stakeholder representing Kansas in each of those areas.

The Clean Power Plan is looming and to meet our carbon reduction goal, it’s likely additional renewable energy and thus transmission will be needed. It’s important to have an organization with transmission expertise that can be a watchdog over transmission costs be part of the stakeholder process as the state considers cost effective compliance pathways for the CPP. Having KETA to advocate on the state’s behalf at SPP for cost effective transmission planning can potentially reduce the time for transmission planning which will help us meet our CPP targets on time.

Kansas continues to reap exponential benefits from the Kansas Transmission Authority for a minimal annual investment and I encourage the committee to oppose SB 318 to disband it.  

Thank you for the opportunity to submit written testimony.

Dorothy Barnett

Executive Director

Climate + Energy Project