Climate + Energy Project Concerned with Citizens’ Utility Ratepayer Board’s proposed changes to agency

2 years ago | Dec 18, 2015
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Hutchinson, KS - The Climate + Energy Project (CEP) sent a letter on Wednesday to the Citizens’ Utility Ratepayer Board’s (CURB) members sharing concerns with a proposal to change the agencies mission, as reported by the Wichita Eagle.

CEP’s letter voiced support for the importance of an independent agency capable of providing expert testimony and in-depth analysis during utility rate cases and legislative hearings in order to protect the interests of residential and small commercial utility ratepayers in the state of Kansas.

As a frequent participant in utility dockets over the past several years, CEP recognizes the value of CURB’s staff and board members and believes them to be an asset in the regulatory process. Despite losing the expertise of their lead counsel David Springe, CURB’s mission and legislative directive remains the same.

"A small business or individual would normally not have the necessary financial resources or utility expertise to participate in hearings at the Kansas Corporation Commission. Without CURB, that important advocate for consumers will be lost,” Dorothy Barnett, executive director for non-profit, Climate + Energy Project, said on Wednesday.

CEP encourages the CURB board; legislators and Governor Brownback to ensure a robust consumer advocate voice remains in Kansas.