Environmental Justice and Energy Efficiency

11 months ago | May 10, 2016
By: Chris Carey
Discussions of climate change often focus on the future. Politicians and scientists alike use 'future generations' to persuade skeptics and convince people to support actions that reduce carbon emissions. While rising temperatures...

Transforming Environmental Leadership in Kansas

11 months ago | May 02, 2016
Several months ago, CEP announced receipt of a Leadership Transformation Grant from the Kansas Leadership Center to invest in environmental leadership in Kansas. A key component of KLC training is the distinction between...

Judicial Update on Climate Change

11 months ago | Apr 26, 2016
By: Chris Carey
The United States Supreme Court has been in the news a lot in the last few months. The death of Justice Anthony Scalia injected political controversy into an already contentious presidential election, and raised the stakes for several high...

Mainstream Energy Talks

12 months ago | Apr 04, 2016
By: Olga Khakova

You may have heard that the Clean Power Plan is on hold, and that the final decision may not come out until the beginning of 2017. But that has not stopped CEP from continuing the conversation and educational initiatives on the future of...

GHGs, Health, and the Power of Ordinary People

1 year ago | Mar 28, 2016
By: Heartland Voices: Jennifer Byer, True Blue Women
Heartland Voices is a blog series where CEP friends and partners chime in on important issues. Each blog answers the same three questions regarding energy, the environment, and a vision for the future.

Jennifer Byer is...