Recycling for Change

10 months ago | Aug 29, 2016
By: Ashlie Koehn

I remember in high school when one of my best friends and I were given the highest of honors: we were allowed to collect the paper recycling from all of the classrooms during study hall. For two nerds, walking around the empty school...

Take Charge of your Energy Future

10 months ago | Aug 23, 2016
By: Dorothy Barnett, Executive Director

CEP has been talking about Energy Efficiency’s value for nearly ten years. A quick search of our website gave me 45 pages on the site, each with around 15 website entries; mostly blogs and press releases.

Take ChargeFrom 2008-2012 we...

CEP Joins RE-AMP Network!

10 months ago | Aug 16, 2016
By: CEP Staff,

At the Climate + Energy Project, we’re always looking for innovative ways to collaborate with and learn from folks who are also working in clean energy, which is why we are excited to announce that we are now ally members in the RE-AMP...

Painting a backdrop for energy efficiency programs

11 months ago | Aug 09, 2016
By: CEP Staff,

Energy efficiency is a hot topic at the Climate + Energy Project, not only because energy efficiency is the lowest cost way to obtaining cleaner air but also because Kansans have an opportunity to share their thoughts about Kansas City...

New Talent at CEP!

11 months ago | Aug 01, 2016
By: Dorothy Barnett, Executive Director

Happy August, changes abound at CEP. Today we’re excited to announce two new staff who will introduce themselves below.

Hello clean energy supporters!

As a strong advocate for bringing people together to find effective...