updated event information for Take Charge! CEP's upcoming climate and energy panels

12 years ago | Jan 18, 2008
Updated event information is now available on CEP's upcoming Take Charge! community forums in Salina, Overland Park, and Topeka (January 21, 22, and 23 respectively). Click thru to the press release on our home page for times, locations, and...

coal special interest dollars (coming soon to a town or TV near you)

12 years ago | Jan 18, 2008
More on coal from today's Washington Post - $35 million being spent on PR to build coal plants and fight climate change legislation. (I'll reprint it in full below, because I have noted that the Post's links often expire on me.)


winding up the week

12 years ago | Jan 18, 2008
Big story on coal from the LA Times. A selection of quotables:
America's headlong rush to tap its enormous coal reserves for electricity has slowed abruptly, with more than 50 proposed coal-fired power plants in 20 states canceled or delayed...

soundenergypolicy.net website is registered to Sunflower Electric

12 years ago | Jan 17, 2008
Just up in DeSmogBlog - I will reprint here in its entirety:
Kansas coal kings have set up another front group to fight back against an October decision to block construction of two coal-fired electricity generators. The Alliance for...

morning news updates

12 years ago | Jan 17, 2008
Here's one note on the energy special interests money flying around KS right now - yesterday, the state ethics commission declared that anti-coal, pro-natural gas group Know Your Power, sponsored by Chesapeake Gas, was a lobbying group....