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wind updates from 2007

12 years ago | Dec 31, 2007
Cool announcement from Windustry - their Community Wind Toolbox is operational. Also, their recent newsletter highlighted a new report out from Farmers Legal Action Group - a Farmer's Guide to Wind Energy: Legal Issues in Farming the Wind. I'll stick these resources on the CEP website's Wind page also. The Guide is downloadable in multi-section .pdfs, which if you don't have access to broadband (and that's most of us out here) is extremely helpful. You can also order a print copy. I haven't read it yet, but I bet you shouldn't sign ANYTHING until you at least review this information... and speaking of - Southwest Kansas Royalty Owners Association also has a helpful .pdf - Guidelines for Landowners in Negotiating Wind Energy Leases - on their website. If anyone else knows of other good legal resources for folks interested in signing wind leases or developing their wind resources, just let me know. And now Texas. I know, I know, they do their own thing down there. (Bless their hearts.) However, at times it is definitely worth paying attention to how they do it - such as how they are going about installing wind power and preparing for climate change (NPR). Since TX emits more CO2 than any other state in the union, I for one am grateful. They're doing wind on a pretty big scale, too (surprise! Texas, big?) but always remember, wind power can work on small and community scales as well. No need to always go mega. Aren't the KS tourism folks always telling us KS is "as big as we think"? :) Bad joke. Anyway. Another Texas energy concept that we here at CEP find intriguing - the creation of Renewable Energy Zones. These zones designate certain parts of the state for renewable energy development, so then transmission developers and planners know where to focus their efforts in building new transmission lines. The idea also translates well to regional renewable energy development efforts.


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