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surfacing from family time

12 years ago | Dec 28, 2007
It's been a bit of a holiday week - and for our poor dish, it's been a bit of a blizzard week (translation: no internet). But, really quickly - The Superbowl is taking steps to mitigate its greenhouse gas emissions (NPR). Nope, this doesn't mean they are going to quit selling chili dogs. Rather, they are investing in carbon offsets that will reduce their carbon footprint. And up here in NE KS, the Journal-World recently ran a story on wind power and rural economic development (mostly on the Lincoln County wind farms). Also, the Kansas Corporation Commission approved most of Westar's request for rate financing re their 300 MW wind development project (also LJW). The first story reported that KS was on track to increase its wind production (currently at 364 MW, I think) to 900 MW in 2008. I don't know if Westar's 300 MW is included in that figure or not. And amongst all the holiday celebrations, I had family contribute some great FAQs for the website. Here are the usable ones (that still need to be edited for language): "Why are solar panels so &$&#! expensive??" and "Is it global warming, or is it climate change, and what the *$^! does the ozone layer have to do with all this, I'm so confused." I'll answer those soon, probably next week :) and I'm not going to repeat the questions I got asked about Al Gore.


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