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Save Kansas Solar Press Conference and Senate Utility Hearing Update

1 year ago | Feb 26, 2019
By: Jamie Hofling
Save Kansas Solar Press Conference and Senate Utility Hearing Update

Solar advocates successfully packed both the Press Conference and Senate Utility Hearing today on SB 124 (the Kansas Energy Fairness Act). More than 60 people from both residential and commercial attended in support of the bill and the Senate Utility Committee heard from 21 bill proponents.


Senator Tom Hawk gave the first testimony, "SB 124 is designed to protect those Kansas consumers that want the right to manage their energy usage and lower their bills without penalty. I hope this bill removes a disincentive so that our constituents and businesses who want to put on solar or some other renewable energy technology will not be discouraged from doing that."


Dorothy Barnett set the stage for the following proponent testimonies, "despite our long history and partnership with investor owned utilities - this issue of distributed generation and rooftop solar for Kansas homes is the most contentious issue we've ever faced. The idea that less than 2,000 rooftop solar systems across the Evergy territory, could somehow jeopardize the utilities business plan is baffling."


Several Kansas homeowners shared testimonies on how the rate changes are affecting their electricity bills and the way they manage their household, three Kansas businesses shared how the rate changes are gravely impacting the solar industry in Kansas (Good Energy Solutions, Cromwell Solar, and Tru Building). Among them was Andrew Clark, Renewable Energy Technology Instructor from Cloud County Community College, who brought along with him his entire class of solar students. 

Chair of the Senate Utilities Committee, Senator Ty Masterson, adjourned the hearing stating that there will be another hearing in order to hear from opponents. There were three opponents present at the hearing today. 


To hear the full recording of the hearing, follow this link. The hearing starts at 13.33. To find out more about the bill visit,

A very packed hearing room.


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