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Dorothy Barnett

The latest news on the Kansas City Power & Light energy efficiency case

1 year ago | Mar 28, 2017
By: Dorothy Barnett, Executive Director
Last week the Kansas Corporation Commission held the hearing for Docket 16-KCPE- 446-TAR to
hear evidence from interveners in the Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L) energy efficiency case. Despite being an intervenor in numerous cases over the past ten years, this was the first time one of our cases actually got to the hearing stage. In the past, our dockets have either been settled before the hearing or withdrawn from consideration.

It was fascinating to watch Commissioner Jay Emler invite witnesses to the stand to be sworn
in, to see the court reporter taking notes and to listen as each intervenor’s attorney ask for
previous testimony to be admitted into court. Following a recap of their testimony, each
witness was cross-examined by the other parties and then asked questions by the
Commissioners. After those questions, each witnesses’ attorney was given an opportunity to
re-direct their witness.

I can now add expert witness to my list of credentials because I was sworn in so my testimony
supporting KCP&L’s efficiency docket could be entered into the record and was questioned by the Citizen’s Utility Ratepayer Board’s (CURB) attorney. The questions from CURB centered around CEP’s support for the efficiency programs "without an independent analysis” of the cost effectiveness of the portfolio of programs.

CURB indicated our testimony held little value without our own analysis – I disagree. KCP&L
presented a case that largely mirrors their Missouri energy efficiency portfolio and the cost
effectiveness of those programs is well documented within the Missouri Public Utilities
Commission and extensive evaluation, measurement and verification (EM&V) they have
completed on their programs during the past 3-5 years.

With the hearing completed, the case is now largely in the Commission’s hands, however, YOU
have an important role to play. If you are a KCP&L Kansas customer, submit a comment to the Commissioners at this link before April 12th in order to have the largest impact on this case. If
you are a Westar customer, you should care about this precedent setting case as well. If the
KCP&L/Westar Merger goes through, eventually you would have access to similar efficiency programs too. The Commission will accept comments until 5 pm on May 5th , BUT, intervenors like CEP will only be able to reference comments made before April 12th in our final Briefs.

If you value energy efficiency and want to help move Kansas out of 48th on the ACEEE Scorecard, make your voice heard and submit a public comment here.


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