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Environmental Leadership Update!

4 years ago | Jul 21, 2016

Thanks to a generous Leadership Transformation Grant from the Kansas Leadership Center, CEP has been recruiting current and aspiring leaders to participate in a transformative leadership training.  


KLC’s You.Lead.Now. is designed for those at every level, from all sectors who are ready for a transformational leadership development experience. The three-day leadership development experience helps participants learn new skills and gain new knowledge and insight based on the Kansas Leadership Center principles:

  • Leadership is an activity, not a position.

  • Anyone can lead, anytime, anywhere.

  • It starts with you and must engage others.

  • Your purpose must be clear.

  • It’s risky.

It’s a really fantastic program!  CEP staff and board members have been actively participating in these trainings, alongside the scholarship recipients from outside of our organization.  Here’s what some of them have had to say:

"The KLC leadership training challenged the way I look at leadership. It taught me to speak up and expect to make change and be ready for challenges. Be courageous to make conversations where people can freely express themselves. Keep conversations going among everyone in the meeting not outside in the parking lot with people that agree with you. The fear of loss is an obstacle that must be understood to help overcome.”

"I think this training will improve many aspects of my work.  The information was very logical and should be easy to utilize as long as I take the time to think about it and review as needed.”


"I appreciated very much that the KLC framework offered a realistic and practical interpretation of leadership and that it was dedicated to improving the community not just individual achievement."

"I really enjoyed meeting people from very different fields and other parts of the state.  The three of us sponsored by CEP were the only ones there who work in environmental fields that I know of and it was good for me to get outside of the my environmental "bubble" and speak with people in other fields.”

"I have learned some new concepts that will help me lead sustainability in the right direction by bridging the gap between concern for issues and aspirations for a better future.”


"The You.Lead.Now training gave me new ideas and different perspectives on how to accomplish my goals. I will continue to use my voice and share my story as I address my leadership challenge."


" I appreciated the skill, enthusiasm, and different styles of the teachers.  Changing teachers from session to session kept my attention and also demonstrated that different personalities and teaching styles could be effective."  

"I had no idea what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve learned about my leadership style and I now have the tools to achieve my leadership goals. The insights I received will shape my future.”

Sounds like good stuff, right?!  CEP still has a few slots remaining.  Let us know if you’re interested in attending!  Better yet, apply for a Transformation Grant for your organization!


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