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Breaking News: Clean Power Plan on Pause

4 years ago | Feb 10, 2016

Today, the Supreme Court granted an emergency stay of the Clean Power Plan, which cuts carbon pollution from existing power plants. In January, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit reviewed the case thoroughly and unanimously denied motions to stay the Clean Power Plan.  The Supreme Court overruled this decision, pausing the Clean Power Plan while the D.C. Circuit Court determines the merit of lawsuits challenging the Clean Power Plan. Oral arguments will be held in the D.C. Circuit Court on June 2nd.

The ruling, while not what we had hoped for, does not overturn the Clean Power Plan. Kansas has already taken several important steps towards designing a compliance strategy for the state that will deliver economic benefits from renewable energy. The Kansas Corporation Commission opened a docket to explore cost effective options that will continue to deliver reliable energy. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has provided expertise and knowledge about the new rule. In meetings across the state, the Climate + Energy Project has witnessed overwhelming public support for the Clean Power Plan.

Kansas is well positioned to be a leader in the clean energy economy. CO2 reduction is already on the way in Kansas and around the nation as 21st  century business leaders support a transition to clean energy sources. The Clean Power Plan will expedite this market-driven trend. Forward-looking power companies and businesses across the economy are seizing on the opportunities associated with investing in clean energy and energy efficiency. The Clean Power Plan will reduce carbon pollution at our power plants, helping decrease the risk of climate change. Transitioning to a low-carbon economy creates jobs, improves health, and provides cleaner air for our children and grandchildren.

Regardless of the appellate court rulings to come, the conversation about what the future of energy in Kansas has started, and Kansans are now more than ever engaged in those discussions. CEP meets people all around the state who care about where their electricity comes from and are eager to help. We encourage you to continue participating in building reliable, clean energy economy in Kansas.

Count on CEP to keep you informed on information related to the Clean Power Plan in Kansas and ways to get involved.


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